4 Things You Never Thought About Storing in Your Garage Until You Get Custom Storage

Garage storage comes in handy for more than your cars. According to Onedesk, over 50% of Americans feel overwhelmed with clutter filling up their homes. When it comes to storage, the garage often becomes the catch-all space for items that don't have a designated place in our homes. However, with the right custom storage solutions, your garage can become a well-organized space that not only accommodates your vehicles and tools but also stores items you never thought could find a home there. In this article, we'll explore four things you might not have considered storing in your garage until you get custom storage, opening up new possibilities for maximizing your space.

1. Seasonal Decorations

Holiday decorations, such as Christmas lights, wreaths, and inflatables, tend to take up a significant amount of space. Instead of cluttering up your attic or basement, custom storage in your garage can provide dedicated shelving or wall-mounted racks to keep your seasonal decorations neatly organized and easily accessible. You'll no longer have to dig through boxes or worry about tangled lights when the holiday season rolls around. With custom storage, your garage becomes a convenient and efficient storage solution for all your festive decor.

2. Sports Equipment

Whether you're an avid sports enthusiast or your children participate in various activities, sports equipment can quickly accumulate and become a source of clutter in your home. Custom storage in the garage can be designed to accommodate different types of sports equipment, from bicycles and golf clubs to hockey sticks and skateboards. Wall-mounted racks, hooks, and adjustable shelving systems can keep everything organized, creating dedicated spaces for each item and making it easier for you to find what you need before heading out for a game or practice.

3. Gardening Supplies

If you enjoy gardening or have a green thumb, you know how quickly gardening supplies can accumulate. From pots and shovels to watering cans and bags of soil, these items can take up valuable space in your home. Custom storage solutions in your garage can include specialized racks, hooks, and cabinets designed to hold and organize all your gardening tools and supplies. By storing them in your garage, you'll have easy access to everything you need when it's time to tend to your plants, without cluttering up your living areas.

4. Extra Kitchen Appliances

Do you have kitchen appliances that rarely see the light of day? Items like a slow cooker, bread maker, or fondue set are often used only on special occasions. Instead of letting them take up valuable space in your kitchen cabinets, consider storing them in your garage with custom storage solutions. Designated shelves or cabinets can keep these appliances neatly organized and out of sight until you need them. This frees up valuable kitchen space for everyday items and ensures that your lesser-used appliances are still easily accessible when the occasion calls for them.

Custom storage in your garage opens up a world of possibilities for organizing and storing items you never thought could find a home there. By investing in custom storage solutions, you can maximize your garage space, reduce clutter in your home, and enjoy the convenience of having everything neatly organized and easily accessible. Contact us today to get started.

Posted July 17, 2023