How Can I Optimize the Space in My Linen Closet?

You can incorporate several closet organization methods alongside custom closet design and increase your storage space while reducing frustration.

The average linen closet is a messy pile of towels, sheets, and odds and ends, but all is not lost, even if you don't have a lot of space to work with. You can incorporate several closet organization methods alongside custom closet design and increase your storage space, as well as reduce the frustration you may feel whenever you look inside the closet.

Organize the Contents of the Closet

You might not realize how much room your towels and other linens take up when they're folded poorly or simply thrown onto a shelf in a heap. Every extra fold and crease in your towels takes up just a bit more room, and a dozen badly organized towels can take up much more room than necessary. Take stock of everything in your linen closet and make sure everything is folded neatly and that each piece belongs in the closet in the first place.

Utilize Some Containers and Baskets

If your linen closet contains items other than towels and sheets, you might benefit from some containers to organize the items you normally keep in the closet. Maybe your linen closet is where you also keep your laundry detergent and other items you use when you wash clothing and linens. Some simple baskets or plastic bins can help you keep things organized without everything spreading out and getting messy whenever anyone reaches into the closet to grab an item.

Consider a Custom Closet Upgrade

A linen closet isn't the first place you might consider when thinking about how to improve the design of your home. However, you'd be amazed at how much storage space you can realize with some changes to the shelves and features of your closets. With custom closet design, you can increase the amount of storage space in the closet with features like larger shelves, custom drawers, and ergonomically designed architecture.

According to OneDesk, 12% of Americans worry about clutter in their homes whenever they invite guests over, which can negatively impact the enjoyment of socializing. But disorganization and clutter don't need to rule your life, even if you live in a small home without a lot of storage space. Bring the organization and cleanliness of your home up a notch with custom closet design for your linen closets, as well as any other closets that you can never seem to get organized.

Posted 1/31/24