How Do Custom Closets Save Space Better Than a Traditional Closet?

Custom closet systems also allow you to hang clothing above doors or other openings around your home that might otherwise go unused.

When you think about organizing your closet, custom closets may not immediately come to mind. However, custom closets can actually help you save a ton of space compared to a traditional closet. With some smart design and customization, you can practically double the storage capacity. Let's look at a few key ways a custom closet saves you serious space.

Take Advantage of Every Inch

A major benefit of custom closets is that they are designed specifically around the layout and dimensions of your closet. The custom closet installer takes careful measurements and designs spaces and features to maximize every single inch of available space. According to Onedesk, 54% of Americans stated they felt overwhelmed with clutter in their homes. For example, a custom closet might incorporate specialized drawers to take advantage of narrow gaps and corners. You also can integrate custom shelves at optimal heights and depths.

Increase Your Hanging Space

You likely have a go-to section in your closet for hanging clothing. But there's a limit to how much you can fit on a traditional closet rod. This is where custom closet solutions help you save a ton more usable space. Some ideas include incorporating double hanging rods to double hanging capacity. Custom closet systems also allow you to hang clothing above doors or other openings that might otherwise go unused.

Keep Items Visible and Accessible

Visibility and accessibility of items are two more areas where custom closets excel over traditional designs. Custom shelves and specialized storage compartments can ensure you actually use all the items you have. For instance, slide-out shelves and drawers bring items out of back corners where things get lost and forgotten in a normal closet. Or, glass-front cabinet storage keeps everything neatly visible at a glance but behind closed doors to reduce dust.

Investing in custom closet solutions can pay off exponentially when it comes to usable space and storage capacity. You can expect nearly double the organization and efficiency over traditional closet storage methods. With some creativity and customization, the only limit is the actual footprint of your closet space. Be sure to work with an experienced custom closet designer to create the optimal layout tailored to your unique space and needs. This small upfront investment will reward you with a clutter-free, organized closet for years to come. If you're looking for a custom closet that helps you to maximize your space, we can help. Reach out to us today.

Posted 12/19/23