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What to Expect During Your Custom Closet Installation

A custom closet is one of the best investments you can make if you want to save space and get organized. According to Onedesk, three in 10 women agree that an organized closet makes mornings less stressful. From your initial ideas to your finished closet, a reputable custom closet company can make the process practically seamless. If you're ready to customize your closet, here's what you can expect.

Designing Your Custom Closet

The first thing you need to do is design your closet. Everyone has different needs and preferences, which is why every closet design is a little different. You might want several shelves for your shoe collection, but some people might prefer more space to hang clothes. During the design stage, you can really figure out what you want in your closet and come up with a design that works for you.

Preparing for Installation

Once you've got your design fleshed out, it's time to start preparing for the installation process. Installing a custom closet doesn't take long, but you do have to remove everything from your closet before you get started. You should also make sure your bedroom is clean and there's a clear path to your closet, so installers can come and go as they need to.

The Installation Process

During the actual custom closet installation process, you can relax and wait for your closet to be installed. Closet customization usually only takes about a day, so you don't have to wait for long. In the meantime, you can start planning out how you're going to organize your closet once it's finished and what you're going to do with the extra space you're saving.

Setting Up Your Custom Closet

Now that installation is finished, it's time to put the finishing touches on your closet. Once you get approval from your closet installer, you can start hanging up your clothes and putting all your belongings in your closet. This is the fun part of the process where you get to reap the rewards of your investment.

Closet customization is a great idea if you've got a crowded closet that's hard to navigate. You shouldn't have to wade through piles of clothes and shoes to find what you're looking for, and your closet should help you save space instead of wasting it. If you're interested in a custom closet for your home, call Core Custom Closets and Cabinets LLC to schedule your consultation today.

Posted 6/13/23