What to Expect While Working With a Closet Designer

Whatever your design preferences are for your closets, a closet design professional will work with you to make your dream a reality.

Are you tired of feeling like your house is cluttered because you don't have enough space to put things? Is most of your bedroom used to store your clothes and accessories? Do you have storage issues throughout your home? Stop this clutter by investing in custom closet design now. When working with a closet designer, here are some things you can expect.


Before your closet designer gets to work, the two of you will have a meeting at your house. During this consultation, they'll go over what your wants and needs are for your custom closets. They can assess your home and look at the spaces where you want your closets to be. As a result of this consultation, they can get a good idea of the type of space they have to work with and what design adjustments they need to make in your home.


According to Onedesk, the most recent polls and surveys reflect that the average amount of items in most American homes is approximately 300,000. If you have as many items as this, then a custom closet can free up living space. After the consultation, your closet designer can start work on the design. You'll review the specifications with them to ensure you're both on the same page. This is also the time when you give feedback so the designer can adjust and be certain that they'll give you exactly what you're expecting.

Cost Estimate

Once you finalize a design, your closet designer can go over the final cost estimate with you. The final fee is determined by the type of materials you want. The size of the closets and how many of them you'll have installed will also affect your cost estimate. If it appears that the project is going over budget, you can make the necessary adjustments at this time to avoid that.


Then comes the fun part, which is installation. It may take a few days or weeks to finish the closet installation. The exact length of time will depend on the materials being used and the features being built. The closet designer will oversee this project from start to finish to ensure your dream closet is made to your exact specifications.

These are standard steps you can expect when working with a closet designer. Whatever your design preferences are, a closet design professional will work with you to make your dream a reality. Take charge of your home organization and contact an experienced closet professional you can trust. For a custom closet design you can't wait to show off, contact our team at Core Custom Closets today for more information.

Posted 11/22/23